Field Application Engineer

work place: Shanghai

Work responsibility: 

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for customer project technical support, matching debugging and PA load optimization

2. Solve customer related technical and quality problems, and feedback customer technical needs

3. Cooperate with the sales department to complete the customer project design in and follow up the project status


Job Requirements:

Qualification Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above

2. More than three years experience in mobile phone RF design and commissioning

3. Be familiar with the communication principles of GSM, WCDMA and LTE Systems, and be familiar with 3GPP radio frequency indicators

4. Be familiar with the operation of cmw500, ag8960, mt8820, VNA, spa and other instruments

5. Experience in platform hardware debugging, such as Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadtrum, ZTE, ASR and other platforms

6. Excellent team spirit, good communication skills, document induction and logical analysis skills

7. Have high work efficiency and positive work attitude

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